Construtora Castilho develops civil engineering projects all over the Brazilian territory, throughout which we have several branch offices. Since 1958, we operate in the heavy construction market and specialize in major highway jobs.

In an increasingly competitive industry, our company stands out for our work execution quality, responsible management and focus on satisfying our clients.

Invested in mitigating environmental impact, we combine technical expertise and hi-tech to make better use of natural resources and reduce operating costs..


Castilho is present in a large area of the Brazilian territory and has executed over 250 jobs across the country. Complying with our Integrated Management Policy, the projects we execute observe rigorous performance indicators and technical standards, such as ISO 9001: 2015.

It is our goal to deliver the utmost quality, to meet and surpass our client’s expectations, to reduce the consumption of natural resources, to prevent accidents and pollution and to comply with the environmental law..


  • 1958 Foundation Construtora Castilho Ltda.

    Construtora Castilho Ltda. [Ltd.] is founded in the city of Lages, state of Santa Catarina. Its headquarters are soon transferred to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
  • 1967The company is renamed

    The company is renamed “Construtora Castilho de Porto Alegre S.A. [B.C.]”, though its headquarters are yet again transferred, this time to Rio de Janeiro. The office in Porto Alegre is kept as a branch office.
  • 1976 Two new offices are inaugurated in the states of Parana

    Two new offices are inaugurated in the states of Parana and Goias to manage the work of duplication of the BR-277 interstate highway in the former state and the company’s ongoing mining businesses in the latter.
  • 1993 Execution of the first work in Rondonia

    This year Castilho Engenharia begins to operate in the State of Rondonia
  • 1998 AMC Enterprises

    Construtora Castilho becomes part of holding company AMC Enterprises.
  • 1999 Construtora Castilho

    The company is renamed “Construtora Castilho S.A.” and its headquarters are transferred to Curitiba, Parana, in “Batel” neighborhood.
  • 2004 Av. Sete de Setembro

    The old headquartes was moved to the actual address, at Av. Sete de Setembro.
  • 2006Castilho Mineração [Mining]

    Castilho Mineração [Mining] is founded.
  • 2011 Castilho Mineração [Mining] Ribeirão Claro

    Castilho Mineração [Mining] Ribeirão Claro
  • 2015 Castilho in Roraima

    This year Castilho Engenharia begins to operate in the State of Roraima.


We believe that contributing to sustainable growth is not only about complying with environmental-preservation oriented management policies, but also about caring for the professional education and personal growth of our human resources.


  • 01. We only make use of traceable raw materials and supply chains;
  • 02. We are constantly seeking to improve engineering techniques and processes in order to save resources and reduce costs;
  • 03.  We invest in the training, security and wellbeing of our employees;
  • 04. We promote respect to human rights and diversity;
  • 05. We have ethics and transparency as the mainstays of our public relations;
  • 06. We support actions directed towards citizen participation, solidarity and sustainability.


Our team is made of highly qualified professionals who plan,
manage and execute works in various segments of large civil

In addition to our vast expertise, continual professional training
and focus on excellence, we have commitment, respect and our
clients' satisfaction as paramount principles.


Corporate culture guided by ethics, respect and honesty
in business relations;

Management practices that promote the growth, valorization
and well-being of our employees;

Projects developed and executed with an uncompromisingfocus
on safety and excellence of quality and results;

ICustomer satisfaction surveys for analyzing the efficiency of our
service and support;

Constant investment in equipment and technology;

Development of sustainable practices aimed towards environmental



To execute high quality works by employing
specialized manpower and investing in state-of-the-art
equipment and tech, thus ensuring the complete
satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients.


TTo become a reference in Brazil when it comes to civil
engineering, a company recognized.


SIMPLICITY: to build long-lasting relationships with our
clients, partners and suppliers by adopting an approachable
attitude, based in transparency, respect and honesty.

COMMITMENT: to meet deadlines and deliver on commitments,
carrying out projects with accountability, effectiveness and competence,
ensuring safety, quality and excellent results.

ETHICS: to function within the bounds of the law, adopting principles
such as justice, fairness, integrity and solidarity.